My audio keeps playing after I exit playmode in Unity

As the title says, I’ve got a project in Unity (2021.3.24f1) and connected it to an FMOD project (FMOD Studio V2.02.09, Build#128289)

Triggering sounds, loading banks and all that works fine in Editor Playmode.
But when I exit play mode and go back to the editor, all sounds that were playing when I quit just keep playing.

Loops will continue indefinitely, while One-Shots will play until the end of the event.

As far as I understand, exiting playmode should result in all Objects within the active Scene being destroyed. All my event emitter components are setup to Stop playback OnDestroy, but this does not work as intended.
If an object with an emitter attached to it is destroyed while the scene runs, the sounds stop immediately.

Did anyone run into this issue before and found a solution or is something fundamentally wrong with my FMOD integration?

Unfortunately, using a simple looping event played by an event emitter, I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue you’re describing.

Is there anything else that you’re doing to play your events besides using event emitters? Have you made any modifications to the integration code in anyway? Can I get you tick Enable API Error Logging and set your Logging Level to “Log” in your FMOD for Unity settings, and post the output of your game’s log here?

Well I am starting the events from a script, just telling the event emitter to start playback.

But as all my sounds behave this way, even the oneshots it does not seem to matter how I trigger them. Even if I put them on “play on objectstart”, they dont stop when I quit the scene.

Only way to stop the playback is to hit Unitys “Pause” button at the top. That pauses the sounds correctly, even after I’ve quit playmode. They just never really stop.

I have not made any changes to the integration code.

I will try to post the log files in the next couple days!