FMOD audiomotors plugin, how to use ? Need help

Hello , i’m making racing game in Unity and looking for ways to make decent engine sound, in the FMOD documentation it says that FMOD comes with evaluation version of Audiomotors plugin. But how to use it ? I can’t find any clear info on that , can anyone help me ? I see the plugin in the FMOD directory
*FMOD Studio 2.01.05\plugins* but i cannot find how to use it in FMOD studio.

The plugin costs 800$ on lesound site, but how can i buy it if i have no single tutorial on how to design my engine sound, and integrate it to my game ?

there is a sample engine in the fmod studio tool. have you tried that yet?
After that point if you have your own recording of a rev sweep you can contact lesound to process it and for licensing / eval. We can give you runtime libs if you are ready to try it in game with the demo engine.