Unity can't find the 'Motors2' audio plugin; troubleshooting is needed

"I created a PRM sound effect using the Audio Motors2 plugin, but it’s not working in Unity due to the following error: ‘[FMOD] PostLoad::initPluginEffects: DSP plugin returned an error, bank will not load properly.’

It works in FMOD Studio, and when I remove the event that includes the plugin, the FMOD bank works correctly in Unity. However, I want to use the Audio Motors2 plugin in Unity. Could you please provide some assistance with this issue? Thanks!

my unity version is 22.03.11f / fmod studio is 2.02.18

LeSound, the creators of the AudioMotors plugin, has closed permanently. AudioMotors is no longer available to buy. You will need to find a different solution for your car sounds.


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I checked. Thank you.