FMOD binary missing for build target StandaloneLinux64 in Unity: x86_64/


My Unity Version: 2020.3.0f1.21
FMOD Integration Version: 2.01.07

The error occurs when I tried to build linux x86_x64 on the windows platform. All the requirements for the build are there (tools chain and others). I looked at the x86_64 from FMOD plugins folder within our assets, and I confirm that doesn’t exist. The folder only contains fmodstudio.dll, fmodstudioL.dll and resonanceaudio.dll.

Building windows x86_x64 on windows platform works though.

Appreciate your help!

Here are some things to try:

  1. Inside “<project_name>\Assets\FMOD\lib\linux\x86_64” do you have any .so files?
    a. If they exist, then for each .so file, check in the inspector that the standalone platform settings for Linux are not set to “None”
    b. If they do not exist, reinstall the FMOD Unity Integration and try again
  2. In the FMOD Studio Settings, do you have it set to “Project”, “Single Platform Build” or “Multiple Platfrom Build”?
    a. If it’s set to multiple, make sure you definitely have a Linux Platform under “Platforms”
    b. If that doesn’t work, try setting it to Project and try again

Let me know how you go or if any new errors arise while trying that out