FMOD component won't get destroyed (keeps playing) after unloading stream level

The component is attached to a moving BP that gets destroyed after unloading the sublevel, however the loop keeps playing indefinitely after. The stop is gettings played in the BP’s end event but for some reason, the component won’t stop.

UE4.26 FMOD 2.01.10.

This is due to a known issue that we have a fix for in the next release (2.01.12). It should be out soon, but in the meantime if there is only one instance of the continuing sound you can manually stop it with the Find Event Instance node and calling Event Instance Stop on the first returned value after unloading the scene. Not ideal, but there if you need it.

I’ve possibly got a simmilar issue which I’d like to adress here.

I use this function to switch between sets of sounds as player progres through geometry of game’s world:

After unloading streaming levels (with FMOD ambient sound actors on in, not auto active, not playing) I experience such behaviour:
1st use of this function on set of actors: Is Playing node returns false, as expected, components start to play
2nd use of this function (this time they should stop): Is Playing returns true, as expected, components stop.
3rd use, again, we would like them to play, but now Is Playing node returns true, even though they are silent (also no sound in fmod studio profiler).
As a result there is no way to switch between set of FMOD ambient sound actors as after they play once and stop they never give away sound ever after.

This behaviour never occurs when level is loaded all the time.
First experienced in UE4.26 FMOD 2.01.09, but it stays the same after updating plugin and studio version to FMOD 2.01.12.

Is there any workaround for this? I thought it might be a simmilar situatiuon like described in this topic but after upgrade to .12 nothing changed…

That does sound like the same issue, however I have not been able to reproduce any problems- Is Playing, Stop and Play all seem to be behaving as expected when loading and unloading streaming levels. I am a little confused about what this blueprint is doing though. Where are the contents from the Before and After arrays coming from and what are their purposes?

Hello Jeff, thanks for getting back to me. :slight_smile:

Before and After arrays consists of fmod audio components which are referenced from fmod ambient sounds placed on a level. This blueprint function is to switch between for eg. exterior and interior ambient sounds.

That’s weird becouse we tried it on a new level in a new project and it happened to be the same. But at the same time this is a valuable info, as probably the issue is somewhere on our side. :wink: