Fmod control mixer via midi

Hello guys i have an issue. i want to control a new mixer view via midi. I found a way to control most of the buttons(play,stop,faders etc) but in a new mixer view i can’t control anything. Can you help me somehow??

Currently we only support Mackie Control and SSL Nucleus. Whilst you can use a generic MIDI interface with FMOD Studio it isn’t fully supported so the controls won’t be mapped as you’re expecting.

yeah i know that i just want to know if it is possible the correct midi messages in order to control the faders in a new mixer view. I found out the map of the mackie controller and i managed to control all the faders in standard view but i as i said i would like to control the faders in other views(because in standard view i can have only groups in the mixer)

If you are using an official mackie controller then the controller should automatically change to match whatever view you are currently in. The mackie controller works in tracks view and strips view on events. I’m afraid we can’t give support on how to get non-official mackie controllers to work like this.

Can you please clarify what you mean by “other views”? Do you have a video of this happening?

I see this topic is old, but I think I found a tool that can be very useful… I wish it could have some more options for customization, saving session, and maybe some other stuff, but I believe is a good starting point to achieve controlling fmod trough MIDI

I couldnt find any contact info of this guy but the software as it is does the job very well.

Thank you for linking that useful tool. I’ve forwarded it onto our dev team. Supporting MIDI controllers is something we are going to look into for a future release.

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That is great news because I really think FMOD would make for a brilliant audio software that can be used for non-game purposes. It’s like a combination of a sampler player with a logic tool (while loops and goto’s!!!). Brilliant.

I can’t wait to be able to control things via MIDI.