Midi controller and FMOD

Im thinking about using FMOD for a live show, where I need to use the parameters and music system of FMOD. Is there any way to connect a standard midi controller/keyboard to FMOD?

Would be wonderful … also just for quickly testing parameter changes for a game system.

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Hi Niels,

There isn’t a native way of connecting a MIDI keyboard with FMOD Studio. It is possible to use a control surface such as a Mackie Control to control faders and parameters, etc.

You would need to fetch the inputs from the MIDI device and program how FMOD should use those inputs in your live action setup. There’s some third party libraries available for working with MIDI that you can use.


Hi Richard,
Thanks a lot for the answer. I was hoping there was an easier way, but I will definitely look into the third party libraries.

Did you have any luck? I’m in a similar situation… live gig coming up soon and it would be great to get creative with fmod and a midi controller. I don’t know many musicians who have the coding chops to make sense of the advice given here regarding libraries etc. A midi learn feature couldn’t be that hard to implement could it? (please Brett! =) )

Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to look into the external libraries, so I gave up and used something else instead.
Would be super nice if it was possible to integrate more midi devices though. Also a nice way of testing parameter settings and such.

@jenkamusic, writing this here too, but my friend @alexzzen did this cool tool a while back which allows you to use your MIDI Controllers with FMOD. Might be worth checking it out and see how it works for your setup? :slight_smile:


Fmod studio ipad controller would be awesome handy…!

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Thank you for sharing this it’s a much needed tool

How do you implement this? Do I need a programmer or is it simply just paste somewhere?