Fmod crashes while recording Profiler data

I’m testing my game live, connected to a local host. Everything’s fine until I hit “Record” button on the profiler window.
I have just upgraded to the Fmod 2.01. In older version I couldn’t even connect to a game due to instant Fmod crash.
Please help!

I’ve afraid we haven’t been able to reproduce this issue yet, which suggests we must be doing something differently to you. We’ll continue testing, but if you can think of anything in your game that differs from the norm described n the integration, please let us know. There’s a chance it’s related, and might help us zero in on the cause of the problem.

I had similar issue on the previous version of Fmod since I started to use perforce (I think). I’m working on Unreal Engine 4.23. I’am able to connect to the game, but when I start the profiler Fmod crashes every time.

There is a known issue in 2.01.04 (not 2.01.03), if the profiler encounters a snapshot when recording it will crash FMOD Studio. This will be fixed in 2.01.05.

OK! I’m lookiing forward to the update! Thank you!

Hi, I am having the same issue in version 2.01.08 running UE4.26.1.

Everything works as per normal until I try to record a session in the profiler. I have tried running both in PIE and a standalone game (haven’t tried a dev build). crashdump.log (99.9 KB)

I’ve attached the minidump as a zip (disguised as a .log file) in case that helps.

Many thanks,

This thread is about crashes in FMOD Studio when profiling, but this minidump appears to be from UE4. Is it UE4 that’s crashing when you try profiling, or FMOD Studio? If it’s FMOD Studio, could you please send us a Studio crash dump instead of a UE4 minidump?