UE 5.1.1 Fmod 2.02.12 Profiler not working and some bugs on events

Hello, we have an Unreal project that so far was working well with the Fmod plugin. Currently on some of our branches or computers we have some bugs. We have a correct validation via fmod and Unreal regarding the project, but when we call and event a wrong one is called and it loops (even when it is not configured to loop and its not being called multiple times) Some times stop event doesnt work and the profiler doesnt detect any event even if we play events in game and on the editor. Does any one have a hint on what could be causing these errors. Important to note we compare the same branch we are testing on different computers and it differs even after validating we are on the same branch and have the same files. We are guessing maybe something on the gitignore could be causing this but its been hard to locate the source of these errors. A collegue was able to deleate the fmod project folder and it fixed the problem once, but the it broke again.


The event bugs do sound like a source control issue - what FMOD files/directories, if any, have have you excluded using the gitignore? Is your FMOD Studio project included in the same repository as your Unreal project, or is it just the built banks?

As for the Profiler not working, can you elaborate on what exactly the issue is? Are you having issues connecting to FMOD Studio via Live Update, or is it something else?

Finally, are you receiving any warnings or errors in Unreal’s output log regarding FMOD? Can I get you to navigate to Edit → Project Settings → Plugins → FMOD Studio → Advanced, set “Logging Level” to “LEVEL LOG”, and provide me with the output log where you observe the issues?

Thanks for the reply, this is our gitignore (we are using plastic)

The weird thing is that we opened the working project in a computer where the bugs werent present. And we made a copy of the whole folder to a computer and it didnt work in the branch (i dont know if the git ignore still applied in this problem). One of the developers formated his computer and did the work, so for the moment i will do the same. But on another instance this guy deleted the proyect and pulled from main the whole project, the bugs were fixed only on the first instance we called an event but then it broke again. Really weird. Ill do more test and take into account the ignored files, but if you have an idea we can test it out. thank you again.

Sorry if i repeat my self. We copied the whole project and added to the branch again, si it is weird, but it might be still the girignore.

The profiler does connect and states that it is connected, but callin any event wont register on the profiler. Even if the event do launch audio in Unreal.

I suspect somehow unreal works with a different “understanding” of the banks. I will try the “LEVEL LOG” way before i format the computer.

Apologies for the delayed response, and thanks for providing your gitignore.

Based on what you’ve described, it definitely sounds like there’s difference between your built banks, the uassets generated by the FMOD Unreal integration based on the banks, and your FMOD Studio project. A difference between your banks and the Studio project would likely cause the profiler issues, and a difference between your banks and the generated uassets would likely cause events to not play correctly.

On a local user’s machine that is running into the issues, if you completely rebuild your banks from the FMOD Studio project, then select “Validate FMOD” from the Help menu in UE to reload the banks, are you still able to reproduce the issues?

Additionally, were you able to glean any additional information from FMOD with the logging level set to log?