FMOD Crashing on Launch (Mac)

Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me.

Running on MacOS BigSur v11.5.2 (only updated this morning in hopes it would fix the issue) MacBook Pro.
I was using FMOD with Unity last night and everything was working perfectly and well.

I woke up this morning to continue working on my project and FMOD would crash on launch resulting in the FMOD Studio Crash Reporter window appearing.

I tried reinstalling various versions of FMOD on my Mac but nothing seemed to work. It does however work when I boot my Mac in Safe Mode, but this is slow and definitely not a permanent solution.

If anyone could help me to solve this issue I would be greatly appreciative. I’m trying to use it for my University work!

It sounds like the locally-stored user settings may have become corrupted, resulting in a crash when FMOD Studio tries to load those settings. If this is the case, you should be able to resolve this issue by locating the user settings file in /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/FMOD Studio/ and deleting it.