URGENT - FMOD Studio stopped working

While working on FMOD Studio I alt tabbed and aftet that the app was unresponsive.
I killed it and reopen.
Since then FMOD Studio is not working. I tried reinstalling and even cleaning windows registry.

FMOD Version

Here a video to the issue


Thank you for reporting the issue.

Unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce it from my end. Could you please try the latest version of FMOD? Alternatively, could you try creating a new project or opening another existing one to see if the issue persists?

Would it be possible to get a list of steps before the first crash happened? Additionally, Could you please confirm the OS you are on?

Was on windows but was happening on mac too.
We use mac to design and windows to build. Ended up using an old backup.
It was related to the project and not the actual fmod installation.

Thank you for sharing the solution.

Would it be possible to upload the project file with the issue to your profile so we can more accurately identify the issue? Please note that to be able to upload you will have to register a product with your account here: https://fmod.com/profile#projects.