FMOD engine 2.02.05 html5 crashes chrome window


While trying out the official fmod studio html examples a “tab crash” happens when I move back and forth between the main examples window and the simple event example. This happens also on my own website when trying out the official studio examples with the fmod studio api (fastcomp and upstream js versions tested 2.02.05). Chrome Version is 97.0.4692.71 (x86_64) and Mac 11.16 .
Several page reloads are necessary to make the examples work again.

With 2.02.04 the page doesn’t crash, audio still works and the error is slightly different (referencing the ScriptProcessorNode ):

Thanks for your great work on fmod!

Thank you for reporting this issue, I have reproduced it on both Mac and Windows with the latest versions of FMOD and Chrome- in my case however I was spam clicking the simple event “fire and forget the explosion” button while the simple_event page was loading. Were you doing the same or was it just a case of moving between different pages for you?
I will write up a bug report for the dev team to look into, but if you could please confirm whether you were just moving back and fourth or if you were also clicking on buttons that would be appreciated!


Thanks for your reply! I can reproduce it simply while going back and forth with the Chrome nav button. It also happens when audio is playing or not playing. Tried a lot of things because I thought my code was responsible although it worked fine in Safari and Firefox.

It’s definitely an issue with the API- I still haven’t been able to reproduce by just using the nav buttons. The dev team is taking a look at it now, hopefully the root cause is the same and will be fixed as a consequence of solving the button spamming issue.