FMOD_ERR_EVENT_ALREADY_LOADED when re-loading an unloaded master bank

Our app sometimes synchronously unloads and reloads the same master bank - while this isn’t the most efficient thing ever, it’s a side effect of fully tearing down and then rebuilding the FMOD environment based on a user selecting a new aircraft.

In the field we’re seeing intermittent cases of FMOD_ERR_EVENT_ALREADY_LOADED.

fmod studio is initialized normally (not in synchronous mode) and we are using blocking loads.

Do we need to do a studio::flushCommands after unload before the load to ensure correct ordering? All functions are being called from the main thread of our code, so we don’t think it’s a race condition in our own code.

Hi Ben,

Yes, you will need to call either Studio::flushCommands or Studio::Update after you’ve unloaded the banks to make this work correctly.