FMOD fails to be nativized

Bug report.

UE4 fails to build a Android (Gear VR) project with FMOD when Blueprint nativization turned on. It seems like FMOD’s issue as projects nativize fine when FMOD is not present.

Bumping this up as it’s a critical issue and Epic says FMOD team should be the ones looking into this issue.

Do you know if this also happens when building for other platforms?

Unfortunately I only build for Android, but I assume it would be the same issue for Windows

It fails in 4.26 too, it can’t find header files because they are in a folder that is un-recognized by Unreal Nativization, you should move the folder “Classes” directly inside the “Private” folder, please update the plugin it is very critical for us to enable nativization, this is a huge project that can’t be shipped without it.

If you need to rerproduce the error:
Create a UE4 project. Add FMOD. Create a blueprint that fires an event from an fmod audio component. Enable nativization for that blueprint. Package for Windows or any other platform.

You will the the error.

I have not been able to reproduce this issue in UE4.26 by enabling nativization and setting a blueprint that uses FMOD to be nativizaed. What version of FMOD are you using?

Version : 20207
VersionName : 2.02.07

Thank you for the additional information- I still have not been able to reproduce any issues with nativization with those versions.
What is the error you are getting when building? Can you please share your output log after the build fails?