UE4 (4.19) Blueprint Nativization builds without error now

(Isaac Nichols) #1

Just wanted to say thanks to the FMOD team and inform others that the FMOD plugin builds and runs using nativization on 4.19. Haven’t had an issue so far. I built the game for an exclusive blueprint I did not test inclusive.


(TheSniperFan) #2

That already worked and I think it was a fix from Epic. Exclusive nativization works for me on 4.18, but I don’t have any Blueprints added to it. It’s as soon as you add a BP that uses FMOD that builds failed. Thought that might have been fixed now. I might try with an empty project.

(Isaac Nichols) #3

Well I appreciate the fix either way. And yes, that is why it would not build because I had blueprints that utilized FMOD.