FMOD for Construct 3


I have released an FMOD implementation for Construct 3.
At the moment, it uses the JS API to implement the functionnalities, but it has been designed to make it so I can swap it to a C++ implementation in the future since C3 supports C++ extensions for some native platforms.

It is available here:

And on Github here:

Can it be listed on the website as a 3rd party engine implementation?


Hi, we don’t currently list any third party integrations but we’re looking to introduce a page to list some of the more popular engine integrations in the future.

Hi, yes my bad I think I had this page from WWise’s website in mind and thought it was from FMOD’s website:

I think it would be cool to have a page listing those :slight_smile:

Hello Skymen! Im trying to implement the fmod addon on construct 3, I already installed all the addon files including the js API. I tryed to find something on the readme file about the implementation but it got kinda confusing… In other engines like unity, fmod works with banks that you need to build up on a fmod folder inside the project files, so you can edit fmod events inside the engine… I tryed to build my fmod files to a c3 folder and it doesnt appear on my project…would you know what im missing?


I don’t know how much experience you have with Construct 3 as an engine, so it’s not clear which part of the process you have an issue with.

One thing is clear, the workflow of FMOD on C3 isn’t like on other engines because C3’s engine is very different in many fundamental ways. It still uses banks though.
On the addon page, there is a demo of how to use all the features the addon has right now, you might want to look into that.

Also, if you need more direct help, I recommend either moving this conversation to Discord or Twitter, as it’s hard for me to keep up with a discussion on this forum because I don’t check it often at all, which means you might have very long delays between questions and answers.

I tryed to build my fmod files to a c3 folder and it doesnt appear on my project

For example this could be due to many things:
Did you put the banks in the “files” folder of the C3 project? If not, it’s not gonna work. If you did do that, make sure to reload the file structure from the folders, because C3 assumes all the files are imported through its UI, and doesn’t automatically reload the folder structure from the actual folders (it does this to validate a project didn’t get corrupted by git or by being messed with)

Anyway, my Twitter is and my Discord is “skymen” you can add me on either and shoot me a DM there and I’ll try my best to answer when I have some time :slight_smile:

Heeeey Skymen! Thanks for your reply, I sended a friend request on your discord so we can talk… Im kinda busy on other projects right now, but im gonna send other questions for you there when trying to use that c3 addon again. Im gonna use this fmod to c3 for educational purposes, since my students are using this engine to build up their games now. Again, im really thankful for your help!!! (My english is not that good, but i think we can try to talk :grin:)

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
Take your time, feel free to send me a message whenever
Glad I can help :+1: