FMOD for UE 4.14 - when ?

(Alex Zubov) #1

UE 4.14 has been released!

When can we expect FMOD for it to be released ?


(Cameron Baron) #2

We will be releasing an update at the end of the month which will have have fixes to work with 4.14, it may also be available sooner on github.

(Fabio Buccheri) #3

Hey. Any news on this?

(Cameron Baron) #4

The source on github, available via our downloads page, has UE 4.14 support and will be available in a public release this week.

(Fabio Buccheri) #5

Was asking for the public release. Thanks!

(Alex Zubov) #6

I see 1.08.15 is up, but still no 4.14 support ? :frowning:

Can you please tell us when is it coming? (as a plugin, not on Github)

(Cameron Baron) #7

The current release works in 4.14. Are you getting errors?