FMOD, Github & Unity/UE5

Hey folks, I’m working on a uni project using FMOD. Our team are using Unity and Github. I’ve created a branch for FMOD, but when it came to merging it, we broke the files and had to revert. So I’ve been on a journey on how to work with FMOD, Github and Unity lol

Could anybody refer me to some sources that can help? I’ve found some online and in the forum, but it’s not been very clear (to me that is). A definitive guide would be awesome!

As far as I can tell, I need to include the FMOD folder in Unity and push it to Github. Then, I need to send the packaged project to our devs, who then merge it and reconnect the file. They also need to install FMOD in Unity and FMOD Studio.

Do they need to install Fmod for Unity and link to the FMOD studio folder on their end, and from there, we can work as normal, or do I need to send them an updated folder every time I change something?

I’ve looked at source control in FMOD, but I’m unfamiliar with setting it up or including Github. Although I come from a sound designer background and have worked with FMOD in the past, I’ve gained a new appreciation for how the integration works. We’re assuming there’s an easy way to sort this out and we’ve just not figured it out yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated; we’re all new to game dev, so it’s been interesting learning how all the different parts work!

P.s I included UE5 as I’m in another team looking to use it. I’m assuming it would be largely the same process.

Seem to have got it working on my end haha here’s what I did anyway!

I was on another laptop under our GitHub FMOD Branch. >>> I copied & packaged the files into the FMOD folder which was located under the Unity project on my other laptop (wetranfers, joy) >>> I then a commit on Github and sent the files and replaced them into the Unity project so i.e into the Assets/Audio/Fmod/… folder it’s working now!


The FMOD plugin was in the FMOD folder (not our own Fmod folder btw), but the asset wasn’t installed, I just went to the package manager and hit update and it was then installed afterwards, nothing was affected.

However, it did not need to be installed for it to work on my other laptop’s side.

I then pushed a new sound to make sure that this was working and it did. I did not need to wetransfer the folder again

I haven’t needed to open FMOD Studio on the other laptop’s side [but it’s already installed]