Using FMOD Across Remote Team

Hey people!

I’m a sound designer for an indie game company and we’ve just started development on a game, I’ve convinced the developer to use FMOD for the project. I’m fairly new to FMOD but think actually getting stuck in is a great way to learn it!

My question is, we’re going to use GitHub for collaboration on the unity project and was just wondering how that setup would affect the other members of the team? Would everyone have to have FMOD installed or would they only need the files that are updated by FMOD into the unity project folder?

Thanks so much for your time!


For collaborating with the development team that is not actively creating and editing events, you will just need to share the built banks. You can set up the FMOD Studio project to build the banks into the directory that the game engine loads these banks from.

You can read more about source control and what to put in your gitignore file here: