FMOD Integration branch path errors

My developers and I are having some trouble getting sounds to instantiate

We are working off of multiple computers pushing our assets to git hub One of our programmers pulled from our F mod integration branch, Then pushed back, then another programmer did the same thing and pushed her content back to GitHub and then when he tried loading it and testing one of our VO sounds we got this error

Any thoughts on how to resolve?

It looks like the integration is looking for the banks in the Studio build directory, these are the banks used for auditioning/previewing events in the editor.

If you, or others in the team, do not have access to the Studio Project then you may need to change the way the Integration is linked to the banks.

For example:
Instead of linking to a Studio Project, use the Single Platform Build and point the build path to the ‘Assets/StreamingAssets’ folder. Then in the Studio project, set the bank output directory to the StreamingAssets folder.