FMOD integration to unreal 4.13 help for a noob

I am brand new to using FMOD and was using sally’s tutorials to get set up. I installed the Fmod plugin folder and opened my unreal project. I saw that Fmod was set up in the help menu and in the project settings, but when I build my Fmod project and then go to my unreal folder for Fmod in the content folder it is empty (I had to put an Fmod folder in the contents folder of my unreal project because there was none there). baffled that my screen did not have the folders that sally’s did, I looked it up and found that I can validate Fmod in unreal and that would check everything to make sure that it should be working fine. That’s great, except everytime I hit help > validate FMOD unreal shuts down unexpectedly. I am using unreal 4.13. How do I get Fmod to work like it does for sally. She has Fmod open and Unreal open and when she builds her Fmod project everything goes right into unreal live. is this not actually how it works or did I completely screw something up? Any help would be appreciated.

The issue of Unreal shutting down unexpectedly when you hit “Validate FMOD” is a bug. It’s already been fixed for our next release which will be out shortly.

As for your issue of FMOD content not showing up in Unreal, yes, it should be working. Sounds like your directories don’t match i.e. your built banks output directory in FMOD Studio needs to match your UE4 project content directory e.g. on my test project it would be F:\ue4\MyProject\Content\FMOD