How i can pass this problem?

I try to start fmod plugin with unreal engine 5, but it all what i can see

What version of FMOD are you using, and what version of UE5 are you using? e.g Preview 1, Early Access 2 etc
Is FMOD placed in the Game’s Plugins directory or the Engine Plugins directory?

FMOD 2.02.06 with description about support unreal engine 5

Unreal engine 5 early access from e.g

The plugin tried to put in both directories and in both cases the same two errors

Weird but i was able to run unreal 5 using plugin version 2.02.03 and studio version 2.02.06, can this guarantee to work properly with this configuration?

You should be able to run the same major versions of FMOD Studio and the UE integration fine.
It looks like 2.02.06 was built against UE5 Preview 1, but 2.02.02 to 2.02.05 should work with UE5 Early Access 1.