FMod not playing some sounds when Sound card is set to 44100 Hz

We have a very strange issue here, using FMod 2.02.20 and Unreal 4.27.
Some of the sounds are not played (not hearable) when Windows sound card is set to 44100 Hz.
When set to any other bit rate, 48000, or even 8000, these sounds are ok.
These sound (voices) are not on the same bus as other ones (music).

Nothing in the logs, the events seems to be played in both cases, from the plugin point of view.

Configuration includes “bMatchHardwareSampleRate=True”

Just modifying output of the sound card between 41000Hz and 48000Hz and launching the same exact EXE and banks creates or fixes the problem.

As a side information, when the bug happens (and only in this case), exiting the game does not close the game, and the music keeps playing, even if the window is not visible anymore. And profiling show that engine keeps calling FMOD_Studio_VCA_SetVolume at this moment. EXE has to be killed with task manager.

Do you have any information on how this can happen ? I’m clueless !

Thank you.

That is very mysterious, I am not sure how this could happen either.
Could you please upload the banks containing your music and voice events to your FMOD Profile, as well as your master and master.strings banks so I can try reproducing the issue on our end?
If you could also please tell me the paths for any specific events that reproduce this issue that would help too.

“” uploaded in my profile. Anything in the “” will not play, anything in the “” will play.

I have meanwhile found a workaround, forcing the frequency to 48000 Hz fixes the problem (same banks as before, when the bug happens)

So I think there is a bug when FMod matches its internal frequency to sound card, and thus to 44100Hz, there is something freezing somewhere in the lib. When its internal frequency is forced to 48000Hz, and conversion to 44100Hz is just happening when rendering to the output, bug does not happen.

Thank you for sending that over- I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue using these banks and FMOD 2.02.20 + Unreal 4.27 and switching the sound card format.
Good to hear you have a workaround- please let me know if the issue reproduces again in the future and I will investigate further.