Some inexplainable sound hole bug

I have currently a strange problem that i cannot explain to myself, maybe you have an idea. I have this granular synth that plays back an engine sound and it is usually completely fine. In fmod everything sounds fine so far. The only difference at runtime is that i set the channel frequency to the sample rate of the audio file that i play back on the channel that plugin lies in.
Now, at runtime ingame you hear this stuttering pretty often. I don’t have this problem on any other engine sound file but they are all at a much lower sample rate, this one in particular is at 44.1khz in case this has something to do with it. The granular synth always fills the whole buffer that fmod provides to the dsp plugin (i think its always set to 1000 samples iirc).

Here the sound slowly played back in fmod

and here slowly played back ingame with active resampling.

FMOD studio and plugin 2.02.20

Edit.: This is what the waveform in one of these gaps looks like. recorded with Audacity.

Also I checked the sound ingame without changing the samplerate of a channel and the stuttering still happens. I don’t get it. I also checked all input values of the plugin, not that i accidentally module the volume but everything is fine so far.

You appear to have linked the same video twice - can I get you to link the video of the sound in-game?

Uph, what happened there. Updated it :slight_smile:

Okay sorry to take your time, it was my faul. It was some very spectacular problem with a callback that from Unreal Engine to my plugin that I shouldnt have used which update the volume different to the desired volume…or rpm. I dont know exactly but i disabled the callback in this particular case and it works now.


Happy to hear you found a solution!