Fmod notarization error, signature invalid

We’re trying to notarize our game made, but we have an error with fmod library

We’re using Unity 2019.3 and following this guide:

But on the notarization result we got “The binary is not signed.” and “The signature does not include a secure timestamp.” on fmod libraries

If we try to sign fmodstudio inside Plugins/fmodstudio.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ we got
“The signature of the binary is invalid.”

Do we need a signed version of the library, or can we solve this in our notarization process?

Apologies for the delay. This should be fixed for our next release.

Any updates on this? I’m having the same issue… trying to notarize my game for Catalina distribution and getting signature & timestamp invalidation issues.

I’m running FMOD 2.00.09, happy to elaborate more.

Grab the version of 2.00.09 from the Unity Asset Store here :

We’re currently investigating why some people are having issues with the version hosted on our download page.

When I updated Unity to 2019.4 the problem no longer was an issue, FYI.

We have the same issue. Any results? We don’t have the option to upgrade Unity.

Grab a newer version of the FMOD Unity integration from the Asset Store or from the download page.