Fmodstudio.l.bundle is damaged (MacOS Catalina)

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to run a university project on Unity and upon opening the file I got this error “fmodstudiol.bundle” is damaged and cannot be opened.

Funny enough, I was able to open this project without any issues on another system running MacOS Mojave and on a separate Windows system. It looks like this is only happening on my system which runs MacOS Catalina.

I also read a thread on here fmodstudioL - macOS catalina ERROR PLEASE HELP
which mentioned whitelisting the fmodstudiol.bundle file - But this did not work for me.

Is there any way to resolve this on MacOS Catalina?

FMOD Version : 2.02.03
Unity Version: 2022.1.13f1

Just want to confirm you were able to work around the issue by manually un-quarantining the bundle as you specified in the linked thread?