Fmodstudio.l.bundle is damaged (MacOS Catalina)

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to run a university project on Unity and upon opening the file I got this error “fmodstudiol.bundle” is damaged and cannot be opened.

Funny enough, I was able to open this project without any issues on another system running MacOS Mojave and on a separate Windows system. It looks like this is only happening on my system which runs MacOS Catalina.

I also read a thread on here fmodstudioL - macOS catalina ERROR PLEASE HELP
which mentioned whitelisting the fmodstudiol.bundle file - But this did not work for me.

Is there any way to resolve this on MacOS Catalina?

FMOD Version : 2.02.03
Unity Version: 2022.1.13f1

Just want to confirm you were able to work around the issue by manually un-quarantining the bundle as you specified in the linked thread?

This error is still prevalent. I find many threads and forums where people claim that it is fixed or will be fixed in the next FMOD update, but I have just updated the game I use for teaching to Unity 2022 and FMOD 2.02.15, and when students download the game ZIP from the cloud, the problem is always there (Mac only I should add). The problem is not unique to Catalina, it is prevalent in the more recents OS versions.

The fix is very easy these days, simply run the FMOD for Unity install package and follow the suggested steps. But still it is annoying that the game cannot work immediately, and it scares and confuses many students from the get-go which is far from ideal.

Is it not possible to fix this permanently? It didn’t use to be a problem with much older versions of Unity and FMOD (and OSX!).

Definitive answer here :

It’s true, it never used to be a problem with older versions of macOS but Apple keeps updating its security measures and introducing new safety requirements in macOS itself so it’s not something we, as the developers of FMOD, have the power to fix - it’s just how macOS is these days.

Thanks for your reply, it make sense. I will look into getting students set up with a Repo.

By the way I found a good workaround, use Disk Images to package and transport your project instead of ZIPs, then there’s no error.