FMOD Oculus Spatializer plugin for PS5

Hi everyone,

This questions is regarding a 3rd party plugin that I realize is outside of the responsibility of FMOD, but I thought I would give it a shot anyways in hope that someone in this forum might know the answer.

We use the FMOD Oculus Spatializer Plugin for other platforms - Windows and Android. However, as we began porting to PS5/PSVR2, we realized that no Oculus Spatializer Plugin files existed in our project for PS5. We’ve spent some time researching the subject without finding anything, so it looks like we’re out of luck and will end up having to remaster the entire project for PS5 using a different spatializer effect. This will be quite time consuming as our events have plenty of different settings, including automations that are tied to the Oculus Spatializer Plugin.

Before we head down that road, however, I wanted to ask the community:

Is there an FMOD Oculus Spatializer Plugin compatible with the PS5? If not, do you know of any quick solutions that might help us avoid remastering the project?

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Apologies for the delayed response.

To our knowledge, Oculus does not have any console version. I would suggest contacting Meta directly for more information.

I am sorry I can’t assist further.

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