UE4 + FMOD + spatializer plugin + VR platform compatibility

Hi, I’m working on my first VR project and I’m having trouble wrapping my head around compatibility between platforms and plugins. I’m actually not even sure that’s a thing.

We’re using UE4.23 and FMOD 2.00.05. Our target platform is first PSVR, and later all the rest also. I’m aware of a few spatialization plugins that are compatible with FMOD (Oculus, Resonance, Steam Audio), but my question is: is this pipeline (UE4 + FMOD + spatialization plugin) compatible with all VR platforms? No matter the plugin? If not, which are compatible with PS4 VR?

There’s a ton I need to learn about all this, but I can’t seem to find any recent documentation.

Thanks in advance!

You can find some information in our API docs about Spatial Audio. The section for the Studio docs is under construction at the moment.

Oculus & Steam I don’t believe support PS4, whereas Resonance does support PS4.

The PSVR spatializer can be utilized by using the FMOD object spatializer, which is only supported on Windows and PS4.

Thanks a lot Cameron!

Also, I’ve read that PSVR has it’s own spatializer too. Is that compatible with FMOD? If so, can it be tested in FMOD Studio, or would it only be accessed within the PS4 dev kit?

FMOD supports the PSVR spatializer through the FMOD object spatializer, which is only supported on PS4 and Windows (I’ll edit my previous post to reflect this). Currently the only spatializer that will cover Windows, PS4 and Android is Resonance.

Wow that’s great to hear! It’s definitely going to make things much easier for us. Thanks!!