PS4 and HRTF

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We are currently working to make a build of our VR game for PS4. We are using the oculus spatializer plugin to integrate HRTF on other platforms, but I suspect that this plugin is not compatible with PS4 systems. How can I integrate HRTF using FMOD and Unity for PS4? On the PS4 dev website there is a link to FMOD main website to look for documentation, but I couldn’t find any. Is there any documentation about FMOD and PS4?
I alredy have access to PS4 api and dev website.

Thanks for your support

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Hi Simone,

You can find the PS4 documentation in the FMOD PS4 API installation folder. You can find specific PS4 information in “Introduction” > “PS4 Specific Starter Guide”.

Yes, the Oculus plugin will not work on PS4 - only the 3D Object Panner will work. I mentioned in your other question that if you are working on a multi-platform game that require different spatializer plugins you will need separate projects for now.


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Thank you for your aswer,
I was thinking about a possible solution to avoid the need of a duplicated project.
My idea was to add both the Oculus spatializer and the 3D Object Panner to the event and create a script, using the low level API, that set all the Oculus spatializers as bypassed before building for PS4 . Same thing with the 3D Object Panner when building for the other platforms.

Do you think this could be possible?

Thank you for your support,

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Hi Simone,

I answered this in a different question of yours, but there will be a platform exclusion feature in FMOD Studio 1.10 that will be released soon. This seems exactly what you are looking for.


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Thank you!