FMOD param sheet trigger problems

Hi folks, thanks for continued help,

I made a video detailing two issues I’ve got currently FMOD param sheet issues - YouTube

  1. automation not firing track volume. (See video 0:39). Here’s pic of param automation:

  2. samples on param sheet not always firing reliably (See video 2.00m)

I’ve updated to latest version of FMOD and still persists - I’m unsure if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s a bug.

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  1. Are you sure on the 407 track volume, there’s no modulation of any sort, competing with the load automation? The yellow dot seems to indicate something like this.
  2. This seems like Fmod Studio engine being overwhelmed and stops outputting sound, maybe some hardware soundcard buffer limitation or something like this. Maybe this doesn’t happen in real game conditions. (this isn’t at all an expert advice, it’s just what it sounds like to me)

hey Alcibiade, thanks for the reply, very kind of you!

I figured things out :slight_smile:

  1. i think this was some bug with the track, if that is even possible. I had no other modulation or automation overriding the level. I made a new track and copied everything to it, dialled in the same automation then the problem was fixed. so i think i must have corrupted the track before somehow with some things i tried earlier which i deleted at some earlier stage…bit confusing because i don’t know for certain. you are right, something was forcing the level to minus infinity, but there is nothing doing that, so far as i can see.

  2. this was my oversight - on the timeline sheet i had another sound looping with a transition timeline - this is what was pausing the instrument playback, silly mistake! i will find a better way to accomplish what i need.

Thankyou Alcibiade, I owe you a few beers now if you visit London!

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