Attempting the old Dynamic Car Engine tutorial (Circa 2014)

I’m attempting to implement Dynamic Car Engine Tutorial from 2014 …but in FMOD 2.00.09.

I’m pretty sure I did everything correctly. However when I’m in the Load parameter tab, press play and attempt to move the cursor horizontally along the parameter line. It stays stuck on playing the “Idle Off Load” the whole time. In the Load tab as I move the cursor to the right, I can see the the volume knobs changing on each track, but it does not transition to the different engine sounds …it just stays on Idle. When I go all the way to 2000, all the way to the right, it just goes silent. When I go back to the left only that 1 idle engine comes back. Why isn’t it transitioning to the other sounds?? Am I missing something here? I double checked all volume and all single instruments are set to looping.

Maybe this only works on an older version of FMOD? I can’t see why it would only work an an older version though - the Load parameter is pretty basic volume automation. I’m running this on a MAC with Mojave. Any help is appreciated.

There’s a few possibilities, could you please try the following:

  • Ensure the parameter is not set to “Hold value during playback” in the Edit Parameter dialog
  • Ensure the instruments have their “Cut” property enabled by selecting the instrument and adjusting the setting in the deck
  • Double check the trigger conditions on the instruments - do they have additional parameter conditions that are being met? Are they placed correctly on the parameter sheet?

Also, traditionally a load parameter gives the sound additional distortion/volume, whilst it’s the RPM parameter that is used for transitioning between rev sounds. Is there any other additional parameters that can be adjusted?