Fmod Plugin not showing up

I’m trying to integrate cabbage audio into FMod studio but the plugins exported from Cabbage are not showing up.

Console shows this:

13:55:36 fmod_os_misc.cpp(794), FMOD_OS_Library_Load(): LoadLibrary failed to open ‘D:/FMODPlugs/bells.dll’, GetLastError = 126 [#2 times]
13:55:36 Error loading plugin D:/FMODPlugs/bells.dll: File not found.

Tried moving folders around and compiling plugin elsewhere but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m running Windows 10 Home.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Pavlos,

This appears to be an issue with how Cabbage Audio is building the FMOD Studio plugin. I would suggest reaching out to Cabbage for support on how to rectify this issue.


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