Fmod Plugin not showing up

(pavlos vasilantonakis) #1

I’m trying to integrate cabbage audio into FMod studio but the plugins exported from Cabbage are not showing up.

Console shows this:

13:55:36 fmod_os_misc.cpp(794), FMOD_OS_Library_Load(): LoadLibrary failed to open ‘D:/FMODPlugs/bells.dll’, GetLastError = 126 [#2 times]
13:55:36 Error loading plugin D:/FMODPlugs/bells.dll: File not found.

Tried moving folders around and compiling plugin elsewhere but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m running Windows 10 Home.
Any help would be appreciated.

(リチャード清水) #2

Hi Pavlos,

This appears to be an issue with how Cabbage Audio is building the FMOD Studio plugin. I would suggest reaching out to Cabbage for support on how to rectify this issue.