Fmod Plugin working in Unity editor but not build

Hi Folks

Tryin to get an FMOD plugin to work in a Unity build. The plugin is written in csound have a .DLL and .csd file saved in Assets\Plugins\FMOD\lib\win\x86_64. the plugin works when running the game in the Unity editor just not after being built.

any idea on where i have gone wrong or fixes


Have you added the plugin to the Dynamic Plugins array in the FMOD Settings? The Plugins section of the Unity Integration docs outline the additional steps required for plugins to behave as expected.
If it still isn’t working after that, if you could please let me know what versions of FMOD and Unity you are using, as well as a little more context for how you are loading your plugin then I will investigate further.

Hi thanks for getting back to me,
I have attempted to add the plugin to the Dynamic Plugin List

current running Unity 2019.4.11f1 with Fmod Unity integration Version 2.01.09.

sorry I’m very new at this so probably haven’t got the right idea. I currently just have the plugin instrument in an event in fmod, I’ve then put the .dll in the Assets\Plugins\FMOD\lib\win\x86_64 and checked the load on startup in the plugin load settings, then put it in the dynamic plugin list.

That seems to be the correct setup then- have the errors changed at all since adding the dll to the plugin list or are they exactly the same as before?

I had already added the .dll to the plugin list so the errors are exactly the same

Okay then- a few things to try:

  • Try running your built application as an admin
  • Set the Logging Level in the FMOD settings to “LOG”, build and run, and click on “Open Log File” next to the Development Console after the error comes up.
    See if there is any additional information in there, key things to look for would be:
    “Missing DSP plugin”, “Invalid Parameter”, “Cannot find dsp of type”.
  • Does the dll exist in the Plugins folder of your build? i.e <project name>_Data\Plugins\x86_64
    • If so, have you tried attaching a debugger from your plugin project to the dll at startup to see if there are any issues with your plugin?

found the issue, the dll did exist in the plugins folder but file it references wasn’t copied across.

cheers for the help