I’m looking at creating multiple plugins definitions in a single file. I thought I could try modifying the simple noise plugin to see how it works but I’m not getting multiple plugins listed in fmod. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? I’ve posted my modified example here

All I’ve done is added a new FMOD_DSP_DESCRIPTION called FMOD_Noise_Desc2. I’ve created a FMOD_PLUGINLIST array that includes the two descriptors and I’ve replaced FMODGetDSPDescription() with FMODGetPluginDescriptionList().

Is there something else I’m doing wrong, I’m guessing I’ve overlooked something obvious?

I was going to delete this message, but I thought it best to own up to my mistake. It seems doing a simple clean before rebuilding was all I needed to do to get it to work. Sorry for the noise…

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