FMOD Scripting


Could Someone help with script changing parametr attached to sprite ??

This is simple Drag and drop based on UI panels. What i want to do is to change parametr attached in “Violin” when droping on “violinslot”. Music will fade in and fade out when violin will be taken away.

I know that i should use EventTrigger Componet on panel

If the violin is a separate event, you could add volume modulation in Studio to make it fade in and fade out instead of a parameter.

Otherwise if the violin is an instrument in an event you want to turn on and off, StudioEventEmitter has a SetParameter function that takes the name and value of the parameter you want to set.

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Hi thx Cameron
Violin is a separate event. I want it to start playing with the game with 0 volume and change volume to 100 when put violin sprite in slot

collisions doesn’t work on UI Panels. We have to do it via Add Script–> Event–> Event trigger. thats why i need script or something else. I just dont know what should i do