FMOD Spatializer Plugin - eventDescription.getMinMaxDistance returns wrong values in Unity on override in Studio

used FMOD Studio & Unity Integration Version: 2.02.07

I do realize this issue might be somewhat connect to this:
How to get spatializer min max distance override in code

The Fmod Unity Integration will return wrong values for eventDescription.getMinMaxDistance if override is used on Spatializer plugin in Studio under certain cirumstances

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create event
  • Place spatializer on event master
  • set override on spatializer to true, change max distance to some other value (e.g. 200)

if then reading out minMaxDistance from eventdescription or eventinstance in unity, notice that old value is still shown.
(Attenuation will work correctly in terms of hearing-range, but the shown value is wrong)

If you go back to fmod, and turn override off then on again on spatializer directly when event is selected, and build bank anew, then max attenuation will be shown correctly.
HOWEVER, this workaround does not work if i use presets and i go to preset and turn off/on override. I need to specifially go to the event and turn it off/on there.

Having the wrong value sent means i cannot possibly start / stop sounds based on distance by code. (only by using the workaround mentioned in other thread which means instance needs to be playing, etc.)

Thank you for reporting this issue, I have reproduced it as described. I have passed this on to the development team to fix in a future release. In the meantime, would it be possible for you to use the workaround in the linked forum post to batch override the min and max distance of events at build time?

yeah, kind of - we use the DSP getter method as we use dynamic camera distances, thus we have automated the max attenuation.
Looking forward to a fix!