FMOD stops playing some sounds while spamming

Recently FMOD began not playing all the audio routed through it when certain sound effects are being played rapidly (We still have some audio playing through Unity on timeline). We have tried a lot of the suggestions on here related to similar issues, such as turning the distance attenuation off, switching the sounds to play one shot, reducing the project’s master bus volume to ensure it is not being automatically affected by the operating system, and while we have integrated sound effects from a mac, we installed the FMOD plugin and build our project from a PC. This is a build specific issue, we are totally unable to reproduce it within the editor and we are building out of 2019.1.2 f1 with FMOD version 1.10.12 64-bit, build #101101. I have a video of the issue, however we are unable to show it here because it is a licensed product that hasn’t been announced. If you are an official FMOD Quality Assurance user, please DM me and I will link the video.

Thanks for any help!