FMOD Not Playing Some Sounds

Hi All,

I have been trying to create some simple events today but FMOD seems very selective in what it wants to play back and I can’t fathom out why. Hopefully you can help me.

I have a few multi-sound modules but only some sounds within them play.

All of the assets work in the audio bin and when the waveform is clicked within the multi-sound itself. However, some of the sounds don’t play in the timeline, even when the region turns light blue to say that that it is being triggered.

These sounds don’t play in the timeline when they are single sounds either, but again they do when the waveform is clicked in the deck…

Any idea why it won’t play some of the sounds? There doesn’t seem to be any logic to it.

Many Thanks,

Ok, so I found that they started working again when I took them off Stream loading. Any ideas why that would happen? It’s never been an issue before.

Audio files set to stream may experience a small amount of latency when loading into memory, especially if a large number of streaming assets are playing at the same time or there is a lot of disk access from other applications. Could this be the cause?

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