FMOD Studio arm64 support for macOS

Xcode 12.2 builds both intel and arm64 architectures for macOS and currently compilation does not work unless we exclude arm64, will this be supported and if so what is the timeline?


The time is now, we’ve already released some previews for our Unity package, I will attach API packages here. These are previews since we are building with the beta version of Xcode, once Xcode releases an official version Apple Silicon support will be standard for our releases. Please report back any issue encountered.

That is great, unfortunately i forgot to mention we are still on FMOD Studio 1 version … would it also get addressed for that? Thanks.

Alas no, 1.10 (and prior) no longer receive patch releases and are considered unsupported. You would need a source license to rebuild for previous versions yourself or a premium support license for us to prepare it for you.