Apple Silicon + UE4 support

Hi, we’re working on supporting a macOS Universal (x86_64 + ARM64) build of our UE4 game since UE 4.26 already has beta support for this. However it doesn’t seem like the FMOD .dylib’s shipped with the UE integration for the latest versions (I tested 2.01.09 and 2.01.10) have binaries for arm64, only x86_64, and that prevents our build from working. I’ve looked around the forums and it seems like this is already officially supported in the Unity integration but didn’t find anything for Unreal.

These are the problematic libs:

  • libfmod.dylib
  • libfmodL.dylib
  • libfmodstudio.dylib
  • libfmodstudioL.dylib
    (note: resonanceaudio.dylib seems to include an arm64 binary)

Where can I find universal macOS builds of these dylibs? Thanks.

It’s possible the build system hasn’t been configured to produce them. Try grabbing the dylibs from our Mac API release and swapping them over the top of the ones in the UE4 package.

I got the dylibs from the Mac API release and they all contain ARM64 code as well. Thanks!