FMOD Studio crashes on Linux systems without PulseAudio


I just notice a bug that did not occur in the past (but I cannot tell you in which FMOD Studio version it got introduced)…

When attempting a setOutput(FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_PULSEAUDIO) on a Linux system without PulseAudio, instead of returning an error (i.e. not FMOD_OK) like it used to do in the past, FMOD Studio (v2.02.05 patch 1) now crashes with the following stderr output:

Assertion 'm' failed at ../src/pulse/mainloop.c:790, function pa_mainloop_wakeup(). Aborting

I have reproduced this issue as you have described, it looks like this came in at 2.02.03.
I have passed this on to the dev team to fix in a future release, thanks for letting us know!

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Yep, it’s now fixed in FMOD Studio v2.02.07. Thank you !

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