Snapshot problems. Possible bug?

Using fmod 2.01.05:

I have been working on a project that has been working fine. About a month ago I updated from 2.01. XX (cant remember - an earlier version at least), to 2.01.05.

Since then I have been starting to get weird snapshot behaviour. It might be caused by the update, it might not.

Basically snap shots seem to be affecting each other.
I have snap shot X and snap shot Y.
When triggering snap shot X, snap shot Y is being triggered as well, without ever being triggered from code. The two snapshots are following the exact same on/off pattern along with the exact same fade in /out time, even though I set them different and even though one snapshot should not be triggered at all.

If I look in the reference viewer, I can see that snap shot X is not referenced from anywhere. (only code).

This has started happening on multiple snap shots all of the sudden.
I’m wondering if you might have any ideas if I am doing something wrong or if there is an unstability in fmod currently regarding that problem?
In the last update I know FMOD would crash when changing snap shots, so maybe this could be related? In this version, routing sound from one track to another track within an event is broken, maybe snapshots are being weird as well?

I can see the snap shot behaving weird (as described above) in the snapshot activity monitor in the profiler.

Right now, I cannot use newly added snapshots at all. Even if i call the from code, they dont trigger. They only trigger (unwanted) at the same time when a certain other snapshot is being triggered. This happens across different snapshots.


This is a known issue, and is already present on our bug tracker, so it will be fixed in an upcoming release of FMOD Studio.

In the mean time, if this issue is blocking you from continuing development, we recommend reverting back to the version of FMOD Studio you were using before.

Ok thank for letting me know.
I guess the last safe version to use would be 2.01.04? And can I jump between sub updates (2.01.x) without the programmer having to do any work/updating as well?

EDIT: Just tried 2.01.04 and it crashes about 95% of the time upon opening the fmod project. And seems to crash 100% of the time when recording in the profiler. The rest are early access versions which I don’t really feel like using.
If I need to go back pre 2.1, then I will lose my conditions logic, right? I rely on that for a lot of things.

Do you have a time frame for when you will be ready with a new version that does not have the snapshot bug? Of course you can’t say anything exact, but a general time frame would be nice.


According to our bug tracker, the issue was introduced in version 2.01.01.

In theory, all minor versions with the same major and product version numbers are compatible, in that banks built in any minor version should be compatible with games using the same major version number.

That being said, if the reason you are updating is to obtain a fix for specific in-game behavior, your game’s code must use a version that includes that fix.

It depends on what you mean by “conditions logic.” While certain types of command instrument and event state conditions were added in version 2.01.00, parameter trigger conditions for events and logic markers have been supported since very early versions of FMOD Studio. What behavior are you concerned about?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide an ETA for this fix at this time.

Thanks for answering. When talking about conditions logic, I’m talking about stuff like this:

But this is actually taken from version 2.00.11 (the picture, just a test scenario), which might be usable. I will lose the “and/or” logic though, and the ability to play a sound on stopping, which is kind of a bummer.
But snapshots not working is even more of a bummer.

All of these things are kind of show stoppers in each their own way. Will see what affects my work the most. Just keep on working on a new version where snapshots actually work correctly:)


Yes, going back to 2.0 you wont have the new and/or/stopevent logic features, also it’s not possible to downgrade a Studio project, you’ll need to revert to an older version from source control.

Regarding the Snapshot issue, it has been identified as only affecting how the Profiler displays the Snapshot behavior, audibly in game it should be doing the right thing. The bug has been fixed pending the release of 2.01.08, scheduled for the start of Feb.

Ok, great to know:) Thanks for putting in the effort.