Fmod studio freezes on iOS 8

(qiqian82) #1

I tested fmod studio 1.05.13 on iOS 8

In the game’s main loop, I call FMOD::System::setListenerAttributes each frame
Sound can be played correctly

When I make a phone call to the iOS device, it triggers applicationWillResignActive,
and the next call to FMOD::System::setListenerAttributes blocks

After the phone call finished, the application just freezes, if you pause it in xcode, you can see it hangs inside FMOD::System::setListenerAttributes call

(Mathew Block) #2

When the application receive an interruption notification please call System::mixerSuspend, then when complete call System::mixerResume. This will allow FMOD to correctly shutdown and restart the audio systems to allow the phone call without losing any state.

(Toren Monson) #3

Is there anything else one needs to do besides resume and suspend when closing and opening the app? I ask because most of the times, it works for me for my app but for 1 out of 10 times, the sound does not start playing again when I open the app again bring it back from sleep, but then I just close the app and open it again and the music starts playing again. Thanks!

(Toren Monson) #4

Well… I found a quasi solution… I found that in the times when I call resume and it does not do anything, the must that reports itself as playing does not move forward in time. Therefore, I can just check if the music has move forward in time and if it has not, then I just suspend and resume again. Then, after calling it over and over for a few times, it seems to reboot the music in the few times when the music does not start automatically. Quite a fun hack. Is there any way I can get around this without the hack that you know of? If not, no worries. Thanks!

(Mathew Block) #5

There is a known issue where the OS says the interruption is over too early when transitioning from the background. If you delay the execution of mixerResume by a couple of seconds it should avoid the problem. Perhaps this is what you are seeing?

(Toren Monson) #6

Could be it. I will probably just leave my code as is though so the music can play as soon as possible right after. Thanks for the response!