FMOD Studio loading plugin from wrong location

I created a DSP unit for FMOD Studio and built it to a build folder in the Visual Studio project. Then I copied that DLL to the FMOD Studio Plugins folder on my C: drive. I was able to add the plugin on an Event and found that it crashed when I hit play. When attempting to replace the plugin DLL in the Plugins folder with a debug version and attach with Visual Studio, I discovered that FMOD Studio is referencing the plugin from the project build location, not from the Plugins folder path. It’s able to load the plugin even if I remove the DLL from the Plugins folder, so I can’t get it to load the debug DLL. Does FMOD Studio cache plugin paths somewhere?


Could you check the Assets tab in the FMOD Studio Preferences:

A folder may have been assigned to the Plug-ins folder field which may be causing it to look in the wrong direction. Alternatively, you could use this to choose where Studio looks for the plugin you want.

Hope this helps.

All of those fields were empty for me. I set the Plug-ins folder to the AppData Plugins folder but it was still picking up the one from my VS project build folder. I was able to get it to pick up the new version by deleting the one it was loading. But now the same behavior persists. Copy debug plugin file into the Plug-ins folder I’ve specified in Preferences, start FMOD Studio, and the plug-in file it actually loads is the one from my build folder. As if the DLL I’m copying into the Plug-ins folder is redirecting.

I think I understand what’s going on. I created a folder called Plugins in the fspro project folder and I think when that specific project is opened it is looking for Plugins under that folder and using the first one it finds. This is nice, actually, because it means I can build Release and Debug to the same location and not have to copy things in Windows Explorer.

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Correct, there are 4 valid locations that FMOD Studio will try to load plugins from.

  1. The install location of the FMOD Studio Version - C:\Program Files\FMOD SoundSystem\FMOD Studio 2.02.15\plugins
  2. The local folder C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\FMOD Studio\Plugins
  3. The plugins folder in the project directory C:\Users\XXXX\Documents\FMOD Studio\examples\Plugins
  4. The location set in the FMOD Studio preferences

I believe that it was just finding the first version of your DSP from one of these locations and loading that one.

More information can be found here: FMOD Studio | Plug-in Reference - Loading plug-ins

Thank you for sharing your solution.