How to get plugins (Steam or Resonance audio) into the game, and not just Fmod Studio?

We have a basic Fmod integration going on in the old Source engine, and while using Live Update I can play it with Steam Audio and Resonance Audio spatialization working just fine. When I build the banks and try playing however, it won’t work until I turn these plugins back off. So I’m guessing what’s happening is with Live Update I am running the audio “from” Fmod Studio, using the plugins that are installed into the Fmod Studio folder. And when I build banks etc, it’s realizing the plugins that are being called for aren’t anywhere to be found.

So how do I get the plugins “into” the game folder? Where do they go?

Usually the plugins would live in the working directory of the game, which is usually the same place you deploy the fmod.dll / fmodstudio.dll files.

You can also choose a directory explicitly with FMOD::System::setPluginPath.

Ok, great! So is that the same as choosing a Plugin folder in the preferences? I’m using Studio to do all the work.

Yes, same thing, except the setting in Studio only applies to the tool, so you would need to call that function within the game code so it knows where to look too.