FMOD Studio Shared Assets folder broken in OSX

FMOD Studio 1.03.00 under OSX doesn’t allow creating shortcuts from the shared assets source directory.

If, on the OSX version, I open a project created with the Windows version and set my shared assets source directory correctly, all existing shortcuts in the assets bin work fine.

However, I am unable to add any new assets to the assets bin without it making copies of the audio files. Doesn’t seem to matter what I do. After I import the audio file I have to manually edit the .audiofile and replace $(AUDIO_BIN_DIR) with $(EXTERNAL_AUDIO_DIR) and clean up the rest of the path.

This is a serious pain to workflow. Can I get a fix to this?

Thanks for the bug report. I have managed to reproduce this issue and I will be putting in a fix today and it should be available some time next week.

Very much appreciated! Thanks for the quick reply.