Project missing files after pulling from plastic. Mac to Windows

Our team has been having problems getting some audio files to play in our game builds (Cloud builds and we’re using unity). All sounds do play in editor, however. I’ve been working on a mac and have been hearing everything work just fine in the Unity Editor, but I just opened up my FMOD session in Windows (and attached my assets folder, which is set up as a separate repository) to find that I have a lot of missing audio files on my PC. All the audio files seem to be present in my attached Assets folder, but they aren’t being placed in the session resulting in empty audio regions in some events. Would appreciate any ideas. Thanks!


What version of FMOD are you using?

Could you explain how you have your repositories set up? Are the assets still in the project directory e.g.
or have they been moved to be put into a separate repository?

Thanks so much for the response. We actually found the issue. It had to do with some of our proprietary code to make NaniNovel play nicer with FMOD. Sorry about that!

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Thank you for sharing the solution.