Fmod studio, UE 4.15 Windows build for VR, events partially lost

(Ilya) #1

Hi! We are making a multiplayer VR game, trying to make a build now. Seems like half of fmod events don’t work in a build, although they all work just fine in editor! I mean, some sounds are there, and I can not find any pattern in the way events work or not in the build. Deployment settings are okay, and it doesnt depend on replication scheme - some of dropped events are replicated by server, some are played on a client directly.
Where should I look for a solution?

(Cameron Baron) #2

This is an issue due to some recent changes made to Unreal’s Pak file system.

We are currently working on a fix, but it does involve some overhauling.

A temporary solution:
Changing the settings from “Additional Non-Asset Directories to Package” to “Additional Non-Asset Directories to Copy” in Unreal should resolve this by copying the files loose instead of as part of the Pak file.

(Ilya) #3

We already tried changing that setting and even disabling the Pak file system, but it did not work.

(Cameron Baron) #4

Try enabling verbose logging for FMOD (mentioned in the link below), hopefully it might be able to hightlight what is happening.