FMODambientactors with autoplay on won't play when loading their banks manually

I made a simple BP in UE where I can specify banks to load on different levels. But unfortunately the FMODAmbientSound actors with auto play wont produce any sounds when pressing play in editor.
Any solution for it?

Are you getting any warnings or errors in the console?

No errors
It seems, that the play function of these actors is getting called before the bank loads.

What versions of UE4 and FMOD for UE4 are you using?

FMOD 2.1.07
UE 4.24 Oculus custom engine

It sounds like it could be that blueprints are serialized from disk before any plugins are loaded.
There is a workaround in our docs that should help: FMOD - User Guide (loading blueprints before plugin load)