Unreal Engine 4.27 doesn't produce sounds from any other bank than the MasterBank

The FMOD plugin seems to work fine, I have no errors in log but when I tried to separate my sounds to multiple banks for optimization purposes, Unreal doesn’t play them at all. If I move the sound back to MasterBank it works just fine. I have disabled the setting “Load All Banks” in Unreal and loading the bank I need from from the level Blueprint when the game starts. Platform I’m bulding banks for is Android.

Thank you for flagging, I have reproduced this issue as you have described.
It looks like the LoadBank node isn’t working- please leave Load All Banks enabled in the Settings while we investigate this issue.

This was failing because the default mode for the LoadBank node is non-blocking. If you don’t wait for the bank to finish loading before loading the sample data, the load sample data node will fail and any Events loaded too soon will also fail causing no sound to play.

We will be addressing this default to make it more user friendly and improving documentation to explain async usage.